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About Us

About the only creature we can’t deceive is you.

Lucky Duck Logo This isn’t just a name change. The launch of the new Lucky Duck™is a true game change. More than a brand, it’s a lifestyle built around the subtle art of critter deception. And while you’re focused on the business end of a shotgun or rifle, know we’re completely focused on what really matters too: You.

At a dealer level, you’re about to see the industry’s most wicked packaging and an aggressive new marketing strategy complete with visually rich national advertising. Full-on dealer / consumer promotions. A fresh new social media component, the Grind TV Show and partnerships with both the legendary Duck Commander and Rick “The Verminator” Paillet. Every single piece of the plan is designed to intrigue, educate and pull customers through your doors salivating over the epic Lucky Duck™designs.

For consumers, we’ve got more than 80 products and apparel pieces. Each prove a company headquartered right square in the middle of the Mississippi Flyway knows exactly what you need in the field. And they’re all backed by the industry’s best warranty, which proves we’ve got your back, too.

Black lab As with anything in hunting, the best shots are the truest. Given the amount of work and thought behind the new Lucky Duck™brand, it’s clear this is a shot aimed straight at the hearts of those who’ll appreciate obsessive detail and design most. And that would be you, too.

To those of you that are current customers of EDGE Innovative Hunting or EDGE by Expedite or Expedite International - we appreciate your business!

The company hopes you appreciate the new consistent Lucky Duck™brand! For those of you that are new to Lucky Duck™– welcome to a fresh lifestyle brand with heart and experience!

We agree – change can be difficult and the launch of the new Lucky Duck™ brand is a big one. We hope it creates some ripples and waves - that is our intent. Creating a lifestyle brand that your customers can relate to is our goal.

Hunter in swamp This year, you will see this transition happening in our company. We are creating a consistent image and brand through Lucky Duck™ packaging, ad placements in Wildfowl, Predator Xtreme & more publications, logo merchandise, television and more.

Not all things change…some things will stay the same – same folks at the office, same priority for customer service and same goal of providing a quality product for the hunter.

Established in 1995, our experience in the industry has certainly given us a solid background of reacting to our customer’s needs and wants.

We look forward to sharing and moving forward with you as Lucky Duck™!

Contact: Customer Service at: customerservice@luckyduck.com            

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