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Let us introduce you to the Lucky Duck group of Pro Staff. Our group is made up of dedicated hunters that look forward to sharing the love of their sport. With our different categories of hunting comes some varied experiences, these categories include duck & goose, dove, crow, and predator. The members of our group not only help represent Lucky Duck, they provide assistance and knowledge in regards to product, tips, demonstrations, merchandising and more.

Download the Pro Staff Application. *Please note that we're currently not accepting any new Pro Staff members. You're welcome to fill out an application for future consideration. Thank you. 

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Kat Dumalski Kat Dumalski

Kat Dumalski is 35 years old and lives in Southern California. She is a marketing professional and also writes for the fishing and hunting webzine, BDOutdoors.com. An avid fresh and saltwater angler who was once featured on the cover of Pacific Coast Sportfishing, Kat was first introduced to duck hunting by her younger brother in the winter of 2008 on a weekend at the Butte City Duck Club in Northern California.

Kat is an active member and elected officer of the Lynwood Rod & Gun Club. She is only the 3rd female member of the 75-year old organization dedicated to trap, skeet and pot shooting. Her favorite gun is a break hinge 12 ga. with a custom pneumatic pump stock. Kat specializes in long-distance shooting and manufactures her own ammunition using the Remington Gold hulls and Longshot gunpowder which helps her break clays at more than 100 yards away.

Kat enjoys varmint, duck, goose, turkey and pheasant hunting.

This year Kat will travel to more than half a dozen states to hunt and report for BDOutdoors.com. She most excited about an upcoming trip to Minnesota for their early goose season.

Joe Carter Joe Carter

Joe has been chasing ducks since the age of 5 from South Georgia to Kansas and has not slowed down yet! A lot of people that know him say that they have never meet anyone that loves ducks and duck hunting more than Joe. Joe now is an owner and manager of Southern Waterfowl Supply and gets to live the life he loves of ducks, dogs, and duck calls every day.

As well as being an accomplished contest duck caller he spends the off season training retrievers and running hunt tests with his black lab Lucy , who goes every where he does. Joe spends most of the duck season in the Mississippi and Arkansas delta either in public flooded timber or in a rice field; what little time he’s not there he is chasing ducks around the waters of Lake Seminole in South Georgia.

Justin Murphy Justin Murphy

My name is Justin Murphy I live in Henry Illinois. I am married to Ashley who is a wonderful woman that enjoys hunting and the outdoors as much as I do and I am thankful for that. I have two Labradors one black her name is Teal and a chocolate her name is Mally. I grew up along the Illinois river and that is usually where you will find me weather it is running trot lines for some catfish or hunting some ducks. My favorite species to hunt would have to be waterfowl, but I do bow and shotgun hunt deer. I have been hunting for 15 years now and I have loved every minute of it. I spend as much time in the field as possible throughout the season and in the off season in preparation for the next. I love being in the outdoors along with anything else hunting related. I enjoy introducing people to hunting and calling, youth and adults alike.

Kody Daniel Kody Daniel

I was born and raised in Quincy, IL which is located on the Mississippi River. Here recently, life has taken me to the heart of Iowa, in Des Moines to be exact. Hunting has been a passion of mine since the day I began some fifteen years ago. After the very first hunt I was fortunate to be a part of, I was hooked! Hunting everything from early season teal to late season honkers followed up by spring snow geese. I have also been passionate about deer and turkey hunting, and have been very fortunate to have some great spots to hunt with family and friends.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity of getting to know and hunting with a lot of great people from all across the US. Most of which have become great friends and great companions in the field. It never seems to amaze me how much waterfowl hunting can bring a group together each fall to share in the same passion.

While in the off season, I have grown to enjoy practicing on the calls, photographing waterfowl and getting the chance to work with my dogs. I have grown to be very active in both the HRC and AKC scene of dog handling and training. It’s a rewarding experience to have both a well-trained retriever for the field as well as the test grounds. The hunt test and field trial scene has much to offer to both the handler and your canine companion. Overall, hunting has consumed most of my free time as most avid waterfowl hunters can relate to. From zero degree weather to the warm temperatures of the early season, I have found a passion that has stuck with me over the years. I hope that it will continue to bless me for many years to come with family and friends that I enjoy to share the outdoors with.

Jeremy Thornton Jeremy Thornton

I grew up along the history rich Illinois River Valley with decades full of waterfowl history. I am fully supported my wife Tina, son Hunter, daughter Addyson, and 2 Labradors Meco & Blaze.

I have been hooked with waterfowl hunting ever since the first bird back flapped down into the decoys, wondering if I was the one who even shot it! I spend as much time in the field as possible throughout the season and in the off season in preparation for the next. I love being in the outdoors along with anything else hunting related. Then most beneficial thing to me is sharing my passion and experience with others and especially youth hunters. I think the most important aspect of hunting is being able to pass it on. My favorite hunt of every year is the Youth Hunt I host ever year knowing I am never going to pull the trigger. Those memories last a lifetime, seeing kids I have taken years down the road asking me if I remember this/that is better than any limit I ever shot myself.

When I am not in the field you can find me at local outdoors shows throughout the Midwest, training my dogs for

AKC/UKC Hunt Tests and Hunting Season, Duck Unlimited Events, Delta Waterfowl Events, helping with any youth outdoor events that come up in my area, practicing on the calls, coaching my kids baseball, basketball, football, or softball, and if time allows trying to hit the water to catch some fish.

Luke Laha Luke Laha

Raised in Clearwater, Ks but now lives in Pratt Ks. Luke Grew up hunting the red water of Oklahoma with his grandfather, but now stays primarily in Kansas. He the head instructor at Pratt Community College for the Wildlife Enterprise Management Program. Luke is also the owner of Flatland Lanyards, Kansas Waterfowlers, and KSW TV. When the weather turns cold you will find Luke either layin out in the goose field, hiding in his boat at the marsh, callin in dogs out west, or hangin 20ft high in a tree stand. If you can’t find him behind a gun or a bow then he is the one behind the camera. In the off season you will find him working with his yellow lab Brooke, or gearing up for the upcoming season. When spring comes he will be stuck in the hardwoods chasing longbeards for himself or running the camera for others. Luke is also a certified Hunters Ed Instructor, DU committee member, and Head Shooting Sports coach for PCC. “Family, Friends, Fowl…keep those in order and God will do the rest” Luke Laha

Tim Mercer Tim Mercer

I am Tim Mercer from Wichita Ks. I have been hunting ever since the first time my Dad took me when I was 10 yrs old. I recently retired from the Wichita Fire Dept after 31 years of service. For the past 11 years I have worked in the outdoor business at Dick's Sporting Goods, Gander Mountain and currently Cabelas. I love to bowhunt deer, turkey hunt, predator hunt and waterfowl hunt. I have been for waterfowling about 10 years, but it is quickly growing to be one of my favorite things to do. I really enjoy being out in the public whether it be on my job at Cabelas or working events as a pro staffer and getting to talk to fellow hunters about the sport we love.

Dustin Goblirsch Dustin Goblirsch

Raised in Southwest Minnesota in the small town of Redwood Falls, hunting has been in my blood from a young age when I started deer hunting with my family. I picked up duck hunting around the age of 10 when my grandpa brought me to a public slough and it sparked the fire that is now a full-blown obsession. I currently live in Brookings South Dakota attending SDSU. Every weekend from the start of the season in August till mid January, you’ll find me with my uncle and friends, chasing birds all over South Dakota. To me waterfowl hunting is my passion and I am proud to say I live for it. From scouting day in and day out, driving thousands of miles just to find that perfect field. I am always looking to better my knowledge of the sport and to experience every great moment it has to offer. Capturing my outdoor experiences through a lens is also another hobby of mine, preserving the irreplaceable memories and special moments only the outdoors can bring for years to come.

John Gleason John Gleason

My name is John Gleason and I am from St. Louis Missouri. I was born in a small town in Texas and moved to St. Louis at an early age. However I did not grow up hunting my parents did not have the interest. Fishing on the other hand my dad and I would go every weekend. At the age of 16 I got my first compound bow and taught myself everything that I need to know by research and being in the field. Thirteen years later I have fallen in love with the art of hunting. I now hunt everything from the small dove all the way up to the big game like whitetail deer. I had a good friend of mine introduce me into waterfowl hunting at the age of 20 and I immediately fell in love. Since then pursuing migrating ducks and geese is my main passion if not obsession.

I started with Lucky Duck pro staff when it first started back when it was Edge by Expedite. I only exclusively use Lucky Duck equipment. I did not join the pro staff for bragging rights or anything of that nature. I do it because I want to help spread the love and passion for waterfowling and hunting in general. I also do this to meet new people and gain more knowledge as I grow as a hunter. It also gives me the opportunity to teach people that are new coming into the waterfowl industry. Just like my buddy taught me.

David Vaught David Vaught

Dr. Vaught has been involved in waterfowl and dove hunting most of his life and was heavily influenced by his father a waterfowl biologist in Missouri. He is a professor at the University of Missouri, advises the nationally ranked Mizzou shooting team and the collegiate DU chapter, teaches a course annually on recreational shotgun shooting, holds an American Trap Association Instructor certification, is a grant recipient with the Midway USA Foundation, and writes for several online forums and magazines. He and his wife are empty nesters and live on a small farm.

He enjoys the hunting experience as much as the harvest and lives the ideal that hunting requires effort, dedication and determination throughout the year. For dove hunting he will scout hundreds of miles of farmland looking for the perfect field and meeting farmers for permission. His duck hunting preparation is no different with projects occurring all year long in anticipation of late October. Goose season runs through the end of January in Missouri and those cold winter days will find him de-icing, setting decoy spreads and trying to stay warm. He also takes time to fish for walleye and crappie, hunt morels and turkey.

North Carolina
Matthew Smith Matthew Smith

Matt, 23, was born and raised in Mooresville, thirty minutes north of Charlotte, North Carolina. He currently attends school, where he is studying physical education. Matt aspires to be a physical education teacher for high school while coaching high school baseball. He would also like to consider hunting as his other part time job, but an extremly fun job. He has two passions in life, baseball and hunting. Hunting on the other hand, is more of a life style where baseball is just an enjoyable hobby.

Matt started out with a single shot H&R .410 squirrel hunting with his dad. After that, he was hooked, and started getting more into the sport of hunting. Waterfowl hunting is his favorite and he has been doing it for years. He currently hunts the rivers and lakes around his area, the coast of North Carolina, and when he gets some vacation time, he's heading to Arkansas.

Matt makes several hunting trips a year to fulfill his waterfowl obsession. When he's not out in the field he is looking to find new hunting equipment for his hunting season or gathering more decoys, because a true hunter knows that one can never have enough. Matt has been an associate at Bass Pro Shops for the last three years where he works in the hunting department and sells firearms. This just makes it easier to feed his addiction for the sport. It also allows him to meet new people and find new hunting buddies.

Lincoln Anderson Lincoln "Angry Andy" Anderson

I earned the affectionate nickname of "Angry Andy" on my second deployment last year to Iraq and it has seemed to carry with me every since. I started "real" hunting about 4 years ago, so i am the rookie of the crew but it has turned into an absolute addiction. Waterfowl and turkey are my favorites with bow hunting whitetail a close third. I hunted some as a kid, but not to the extent I do now and definitely not the time and work I put into it now. It is a passion and obsession with me now and when I'm not hunting I'm thinking or talking about it. I've been fortunate enough to meet great hunting partners that drives me to be even more successful.

Ryan Beller Ryan Beller

Ryan was born and raised in Northeastern Oklahoma near Oologah Lake in the area of the state known to many as Green Country.

He was introduced to hunting at a young age by his father and uncle, walking through tall grass fields with a twenty gauge and an English Pointer in search of Bobwhite Quail.

After graduating from Oologah High School he attended Eastern Oklahoma State College in Wilburton and earned his Associates Degree. He then moved on to Oklahoma State University where he received his BS Degree in Agricultural Education/Animal Science.

After college he spent several years as a high school Ag Teacher and then moved on to pursue a career in Sales.

Ryan has been very active in the Hunting and Outdoor industry for the past 15+ years. He is a certified Hunter Education, Archery in the Schools, and Aquatic Resource Education Instructor for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. Since 2000 he has been a volunteer at the annual Oologah Lake Special Hunt, and has served as Director of Operations for the hunt since 2009. In 2002 he founded and served as the Chairman of the first chapter of Whitetails Unlimited in Oklahoma and a fully mobile archery program called Vital Mobile Archery.

Ryan has also had the pleasure of serving as Pro Staff for several companies such as Lucky Duck Decoys, Cobra Archery Equipment, Rut Wear Big Game Technologies and Sport Dog Brand Training collars. He has had the opportunity to share the field, blind or a boat with other outdoorsmen in the states of Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas and Wisconsin to name a few. Working for these companies has allowed him the opportunity to reach countless people and to enjoy the hunting and outdoor lifestyle.

The true driving force behind everything Ryan does in the outdoors is the sincere desire to see the hunting heritage passed on to the next generation.

Josh Dickerson Josh "Rooney" Dickerson

I grew up hunting and fishing in southwest Michigan with my parents, brother, uncles and friends. As kids, my brother and I were always trying to find something to shoot or trying to catch fish. As I got older, I grew to love the outdoors and all it involved from hunting squirrels, rabbits, deer, and waterfowl to fishing for bass, panfish, salmon, and catfish in the many lakes and streams in Michigan. And now as an adult, my passion boils for the outdoors.

I now live in Eastern Oklahoma and I have dedicated my outdoor work to mostly hunting waterfowl but I also still hunt deer, hogs and predators as well as go fishing for bass, crappie and catfish on a regular basis. And now that my kids are getting a little older and showing the same passion for getting outdoors, I am dedicating time to guiding them along the way and honing their skills to succeed in everything they do.

Scot Garvin Scot "Scotty" Garvin

Started hunting in 1975 at the age of 14 with my dad, Larry, in the peanut and wheat fields along the Red River in N Texas and SE Oklahoma. I've been avidly waterfowl hunting ever since. Decoy placement, working birds and scouting is what I love the most about waterfowling. To me, it is not just the harvest, it is about time with friends enjoying God's creation

Hal Hendrickson Hal "Ole Hal" Hendrickson

Waterfowling is in my blood. There's not too many words to explain it but its a passion. Outside of work and family, I'm either waterfowling or fishing. They say I'm the old man of the group and that's just fine with me. I love to teach the youngsters what I have learned over the years. Hard work pays off hands down.

Earnest Risley Earnest "Earnie" Risley

As most young boys growing up in the country, I learned very early in life how to hunt and fish. My dad taught me not only how to hunt but how to respect the animals and the role that they play in our lives. We spent many hours in the woods hunting deer, squirrel, rabbits and other animals. Also many more on the water front waiting on the arrival of ducks and geese. Hunting to me is more than a sport, it's a way of life.

Tommy Stiefe Tommy "Hoss" Stiefe

I grew up in Alvin, TX on a horse farm. At the age of 12, my cousin in Mason, TX traded me a whitetail hunt for breaking one of his ranch horses . . . I was hooked! While in the Navy and stationed in Oklahoma, I met my wife and I have been here ever since. There are thousands of acres of lakes and public hunting land for an outdoorsmen like myself to feel right at home. I got into waterfowl hunting about seven years ago and I am addicted.

Shonn Conner Shonn Conner

My name is Shonn Conner, I am 42 years old, I am an avid outdoorsman, I was very fortunate, as a youth to have my dad carry me hunting and fishing.

I have been making the trip from my home in Texas to Canada and the Dakotas for many years with some of my closest friends, where I’ve had the privilege of making memories and meeting new friends along the way.

I not only hunt waterfowl but also enjoy all aspects of hunting from big game to upland bird hunting. I enjoy dove, hog, squirrel, and predator hunting here in my home state of Texas. With that being said lets get down to business! I take pride in the equipment I use while hunting, and that goes for everything from my duck calls to my duck boats and everything in between. I can speak from experience when I say Lucky Duck makes the most realistic, most durable motion decoy and accessories available. I have hunted with Lucky Ducks in some the most extreme environments and temperatures without fail. When your looking for something to give you that finishing touch to you decoy spread, Or something to help you complete a successful hunting season, give the good folks at Luck Duck a call at (715)-338-3183 or look them up on the web at www.LuckyDuck.com

I have had the privilege of being able to hunt a variety of both small and large game, from Edmonton Alberta Canada to the Matagorda Bay in deep South Texas. I am proud to be affiliated with and support a company like Lucky Duck.

Always looking up,
Shonn Conner

Michael Van Michael Van

Raised in the Texas Panhandle and raised in a family of outstanding musicians, Michael grew up with the outdoors and music in his heart. After 12 years as a US Marine and having the chance to hunt and play music all over the country, Michael returned back to his home in Texas and carried on his love for the outdoors, rodeo and music. After 10 years of Rodeo Bullfighting, 3 years with McCloy Rodeo Co., Michael hung up his Bullfighting gear and set his sites on music and the outdoors once again. His first single was written and recorded in 2008 with Phil Martin. Michael has recorded several of his songs Live including A Hero to Me, Margaritas on Sunday and Maybe. Michael entertained crowds all of the Texas Panhandle from 2007 until 2013. All of his time is spent in the outdoors! Hunting, fishing and you name it, Michael does it! Michael is an avid waterfowl hunter, bow hunter and a supporter of the free American way of Life. He is the a member of the Lucky Duck Premium Decoys and Real Avid Pro Staffs. You can still download all of his music, including the Live at Smokey Joe's EP, on iTunes or at the Michael Van Music and Outdoors website. http://www.michaelvanmusic.com

Jeff Bringhurst Jeff Bringhurst

Jeff was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and has lived in the Salt Lake Valley most of his life. He was introduced to hunting by his father at a very young age. They would hunt mostly waterfowl around the marshes of the Great Salt Lake and mule deer in the mountains here in Utah. When Jeff was 12 years old, he told his dad that he wanted to have his own shotgun. Jeff's dad said if he could save up half of the money, he would pay for the other half. Jeff saved and bought his first shotgun a few months later. The gun was much too big for him and his shoulder was bruised every weekend. When Jeff was married in 1990, his wife joined him on their hunting adventures. As their kids arrived, they too joined the family in the fields and mountains. Jeff's daughter still loves going out and being with him in the outdoors. Jeff now has an Excel flat bottom boat and Mud Buddy motor to help them get out in the marsh and get the decoys in place. It also makes it easier to get his aging father out.

Jeff works in the computer industry providing IT services for small business that don't have a full time IT staff.

In the off season, Jeff spends time traveling with his family. They love Moab and spending time wake boarding. He has also started bow fishing for carp. He is happiest when he is in the outdoors.

Ted Crumb Ted Crumb

My name is Ted Crumb and I live in South East Virginia. I am 41 years old and have been hunting and fishing as long as I can remember. I have a very understanding wife along with 3 children, two boys and a sweet little girl. Growing up in Northern Illinois I began hunting gray and fox squirrels in the wood lots as soon as I could talk my dad into letting me go out with my pellet gun. I think from the day I could walk I was addicted to the outdoors. I began bow hunting for whitetail deer and jump shooting ducks in the farm ponds as soon as I was old enough to pull a bow back or shoot my old single shot 20 gauge. After graduation from High School I joined the Navy and was enlisted for 6 years. That is what brought me to where I am now.

Waterfowl hunting has been a passion of mine since the first time I went. Watching a flock come in, wings cupped is about the best thing I can think of these days. I try to hunt as much as possible during the season and spend close to 50 days hunting ducks, geese and deer.

I am honored to be chosen as part of Lucky Duck PRO staff and love everything about their products. Their innovation and willingness to think outside the box is what drew me to their product. When the birds are flaring and getting stale Lucky Duck has a ton of options to put into your tool bag and fool them!!

I also hold staff positions with Big Sean Championship Calls, Big Al’s Decoys, Bust A Buck Deer Lure, Parker Bows and Crossbows and Grim Reaper Brodhead’s. I hope to see you all out this year while working shows. If you see me, please stop by and say hi.

Chase White Chase White

Hi my name is Chase White and I reside in Suffolk, Virginia along the Atlantic Flyway. I have worked in outdoor retail stores for nearly five years in the area at both Bass Pro shops and now a small mom and pop shop called Wilcox Bait & Tackle. I currently am enrolled at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia. I am studying Organismal Biology and am due to graduate in the Spring of 2014.

Waterfowl hunting was the first type of hunting that I ever experienced. The sight of birds coming into the spread feet down is something that every hunter should experience. I take pride in introducing hunters into the sport of waterfowl and especially enjoy bringing youth hunters out in the field. I chase everything from early season September geese, to big water bull Canvasbacks, to late season flooded timber mallards and finally spring conservation Snow Geese. We have the opportunity to hunt all types of waterfowl here in SE Virginia.

There is no question in any true waterfowlers mind that the addition of motion to a spread is pivotal for killing birds. The additions of robo ducks has been around for many years. However waterfowl have become accustomed to certain products on the market and they will hinder you more then help you. It has been my experience that the use of Lucky Duck decoys to your spread will not only help your hunts but will also set you apart from those using other robo ducks. The realism of Lucky Duck decoys compared to other companies is unparalleled. I have witnessed time and time again birds working in public lands flare to other brands and the Lucky Duck decoys bringing the birds in on a string.

Lucky Duck is a one of kind company with exceptional customer service and they should be your one and only stop for motion decoys from here on out.

Austin Lindell Austin Lindell

My names Austin Lindell. Grew up hunting since I could hold a gun. I breath hunting, always itching for that next hunt and group of birds to land in the decoys. Grew up in a small town named Stanwood and always hunting or thinking about hunting. Hunt anything from coyotes, geese, ducks, deer, elk, you name it. If there is something to be hunted I'm there.

British Columbia
Ian Thomson-Field Ian Thomson-Field

Being raised on the Pacific Flyway on Canada's west coast for more years than I'd like to admit has made for some great waterfowl hunting and memories. Since 2008 I've enjoyed sharing this passion with several good friends in my present hunting area called Pitt Lake, B.C.

I now reside on the land I hunt and have enjoyed showcasing this areas natural beauty in my Field Staff role with Lucky Duck Premium Decoys. I have enjoyed being a part of the LD staff since 2012 and appreciate the products and their endorsee's who support our team thru innovation. Thank you once again for allowing me to be part of the Lucky Duck field staff.

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