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Pro Staff

Let us introduce you to the Lucky Duck group of Pro Staff. Our group is made up of dedicated hunters that look forward to sharing the love of their sport. With our different categories of hunting comes some varied experiences, these categories include waterfowl, dove, crow, and predator. The members of our group not only help represent Lucky Duck, they also provide assistance and knowledge in regards to products, tips, demonstrations, and merchandising.

Download the Pro Staff Application. *Please note that we're currently not accepting any new Pro Staff members. You're welcome to fill out an application for future consideration. Thank you.


Chase Camp

Chase grew up on the Alabama/Tennessee state line, and is married with two daughters. Chase attended Auburn University where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Finance. Currently, Chase is the S&R Supervisor at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, and working towards his Masters. He has been waterfowl hunting, thanks to his Dad, since the age of seven. Twenty five years later, his life now revolves around the sport of waterfowling. Whether it be hunting, scouting, training dogs, traveling to hunt test, off season preparation, or competition duck calling, he believes there is something to do 12 months out of the year. Chase grew up hunting the Springville Bottoms in Northwest Tennessee, and over the years, he's branched out to Northeast Arkansas, as well as hunting the lakes in Northern Alabama. For several years, the club in Arkansas has purchased Lucky Duck products. With numerous years of hunting, and several brands of decoys later, he can honestly say changing to Lucky Duck was one of the better choices he has made in regards to waterfowl equipment!


Josh Cornett - Predator Team

Hunting has been apart of Josh’s life for as long as he can remember. His dad passed on the passion for hunting and fishing at a very young age. Josh grew up hunting big game and calling predators. It wasn't till his dad and him entered a coyote calling contest that the passion turned into an obsession. He enjoys helping new callers, giving them advise, and sharing what he has learned. In 2015 Josh won the Arizona State Championship, and placed 2nd in the World Coyote Calling Championship. Josh says he is very honored to be a part of the Lucky Duck Pro Staff, and that the Revolution is an amazing call with a sound library that is unmatched. 


Craig Sandy - Predator Team

Craig Sandy has been hunting predators for over thirty-eight years. His father taught him to hunt and fish at a very young age, which sparked a passion for hunting over the years. When he became a father himself, he introduced his kids to hunting and fishing the same way his father had done. Craig mainly hunts coyotes now, but he has also hunted waterfowl and big game. Most of the time Craig hunts in Idaho where he resides, but has also hunted in Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona. He enjoys participating in predator hunting contests, and sharing what he has learned with fellow hunters. Craig says he enjoys being apart of the Lucky Duck Pro Staff team, and appreciates being able to use our electronic call (the Revolution). Which is not only built well, but also has exceptional sounds for calling in coyotes.


Ben Blood

Ben was fortunate enough to grow up in Eastern Iowa in the mid 80’s with a family who has a passion for the outdoors, especially waterfowl hunting.  While most guys were sitting in a tree stand waiting for a big buck his dad was carrying him on his shoulders out into the marsh to chase ducks.  It wasn’t until his college years that he found a passion for field hunting geese. Now he enjoys splitting time between following geese to a corn field, and boat hunting the lakes and rivers in the Midwest. His passion for waterfowl hunting has grown even more recently because of a new found interest in experiencing hunting in other parts of the world.  This interest took Ben all the way to the coast of New Jersey in January of 2014 where he was able to harvest a limit of sea ducks, and an atlantic brant.  It was an unforgettable experience and he hopes to expand his horizons even more in the coming years. In 2009 Ben took his knowledge of programing CNC machines and started making his own duck and goose calls.  This hobby soon led into getting into duck calling contests, which has taken him all over the country.  He can’t stress enough how much he has learned from, or how much fun, he has had meeting all of the people in contests. When Ben isn’t hunting he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and two children.  His daughter has started to join him in the field, which has been an amazing experience, and he looks forward to sharing this same passion with his son.

Kody Daniel

Kody was born and raised in Quincy, IL which is located on the Mississippi River. Since finishing college, life has taken him to the heart of Iowa, in Des Moines to be exact. Hunting has been a passion of his since the day he began. After the very first hunt he was fortunate to be a part of, he was hooked! Hunting everything from early season teal, to late season honkers, followed up by spring snow geese. Kody has also been passionate about deer and turkey hunting, and has been very fortunate to have some great spots to hunt with family and friends. Over the years, he’s had the opportunity of getting to know, and hunting with, a lot of great people from all across the US. Most of which have become great friends and great companions in the field. It never ceases to amaze him how much waterfowl hunting can bring a group together each fall to share the same passion. In the off season, Josh grew to enjoy practicing his calls, photographing waterfowl, and getting the chance to work with his dogs. He is very active in both the HRC and AKC scene of dog handling and training. It’s a rewarding experience to have both a well-trained retriever for the field as well as the test grounds. The hunt test and field trial scene has much to offer to both the handler and your canine companion. Overall, hunting has consumed most of his free time, as most avid waterfowl hunters can relate to. From zero degree weather to the warm temperatures of the early season, Kody has found a passion that has stuck with him over the years. He hopes that it will continue to bless him for many years to come with family and friends.


Brock Jones - Predator Team

Brock was Kansas raised. Being from a family who operated a hunting guide business for years, he knew how important it was to preserve our wildlife. From a young age of six, he shot his first coyote, and instantly felt a passion for coyote hunting evolve. Fast forward a few years, and he now has international hunting experience of predators. The excitement of predator hunting always draws him out in the field, where he blares the Lucky Duck Revolution. Continuously driving the coyotes crazy.


Corey Smith

Corey currently lives in southwest Michigan, and has been waterfowl hunting since the age of 12. However, it didn't become a major passion until about the age of 18. He tries to hunt as much as he can, but with a full time job in the HVAC industry it ends up being mostly weekend hunts. Corey says he enjoys using and representing the Lucky Duck products. “The company does a very good job staying ahead in the industry.” 


Casey Stearns

Casey was born and raised in East-Central Minnesota. He is married with 2 daughters, and went to college in Kansas on a rodeo scholarship. Casey has been involved in the outdoors since he can remember. His grandfather, and dad, introduced him to hunting. His favorite place to duck or goose hunt is in cut corn or a wheat field, and he enjoys diver hunting over lots of decoys during late season. Over the years, he has traveled to many states including Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota, and North Dakota. As well as areas of Canada chasing the migration. Casey says he is very honored and fortunate to represent Lucky Duck products. They hold up to his daily abuse, year in and year out. 

Luke Cramlet

Luke is from St. Paul, MN. He started hunting and fishing at a very early age, and had an unbelievable passion for the outdoors right from the start. This passion, and drive, led him to Bemidji State University in Northern Minnesota. Luke has been studying in Bemidji for the last four years, earning his degree in Aquatic Biology with a Fisheries Emphasis, and a minor in Wetland Ecology. He intends to graduate from Grad School with a Masters in Biology. Most of his days are spent in the fields of Minnesota, but also heads to North Dakota and Saskatchewan each year. His favorite time of the year is pounding late season honkers in the snow, but the spring snows are getting a huge part of his heart. Being at an outdoor college allows him to take out a wide range of hunters, some novice and some very experienced, but just being out with a good group of friends or family is what makes a hunt special to him. Luke says Lucky Duck Premium Decoys is a great company, and it is an absolute dream come true to be a apart of such a great team. To him, hunting is more than just a passion, it’s a family tradition and a way of life.

Shane Zavodnik

Shane learned that hard work does pay off after waterfowl hunting in Northern Minnesota for nearly 14 years. With very little crops grown around there, and countless bodies of water, thinking outside the box was a must to become a successful waterfowl hunter. He grew up hunting honkers in pasture fields and harvesting ducks in mid-morning sloughs. He has been using Lucky Duck products his entire waterfowl life because not only to they look great, but because Lucky Duck makes products that last a lifetime.

Torrey Walrath

Torrey was born in south central MN, and still lives there with his wife and 2 daughters. Coming from a family that owned a dog obedience business, waterfowl hunting and watching the dogs work just went well together. From hunting rabbits and squirrels with a pellet gun as a young kid, to now showing his dad what it is like to have hundreds of mallards drop out of nowhere in a field spread. For Torrey, being outdoors has been a strong passion. He has taken his Lucky Duck products to Canada, all over Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota and the products have stayed strong. Torrey said after the hours his products have seen, and the performance they still have, is why he stands behind them.


David Vaught

David has duck hunted his entire life.  His father was a waterfowl biologist. In 1955, just months after David was born he headed to the western shores of Hudson Bay to band ducks and geese. This was the very early beginning of banding in North America. So David has a rich history with waterfowl. Currently he is a university professor, advisor to their nationally ranked trap and skeet team, the Collegiate DU Chapter and holds an endowment with the Midway USA Foundation that he uses to conduct a youth trap academy every summer. David hunts both public and private ground throughout the season but also enjoys dove hunting, crappie and walleye fishing and his family.  

Robert Brantley - Predator Team

Robert started shooting and hunting at a young age. He got focused on predator and precision shooting early, then loved putting them together. He loves going across the country to a match and hunting predators along the way. Robert is an avid hunter for most species, but predator hunting is where his passion lies. Calling them in with despite their heightened senses and great sense of surrounding, is always an accomplishment. Being from the Southeast always adds a different element that makes it even more rewarding. When night season starts you can find Robert nocturnal, with a thermal, a Lucky Duck Revolution, and probably a predator coming in on a string.

Vince Pialet

Vince lives in Northeast M0. He is married to Valerie, who is a wonderful woman that enjoys hunting and the outdoors as much as he does. Vince also has 4 daughters who are starting their own adventures hunting, and he loves helping them grow as hunters. His family has a chocolate lab named Apallo, who is always with him when chasing fowl. He grew up along the base of the Majestic Rocky Mountains, and that is where you would find him whether it is running trot lines for catfish, sitting in a tree, or hunting ducks and honkers out on the plains. His favorite species to hunt would have to be waterfowl, but he also archery hunts deer. Vince has been hunting for 20+ years now and has loved every minute of it. He is the Midwest Regional director for the ALL military hunting and fishing team, The Fallen Outdoors. This group gets veterans back out in the fields and on the water. Throughout the season, Vince likes to spend as much time in the field as possible, and in the off season he does preparation for the next. He loves being in the outdoors, along with anything else that is hunting related. He also enjoys introducing people to hunting and calling, youth and adults alike. Along with Lucky Duck, Vince is a pro-staffer for Lethal Scent Blockers, Mammoth Coolers, and Precision Calls. “Faith, Family, Friends, Fowl…keep those in order and God will do the rest.”

North Carolina

Matt Smith

Matt, 27, was born and raised in Mooresville, thirty minutes north of Charlotte, North Carolina. He is addicted to anything waterfowl, whether it be finishing mallards in the green timber of Arkansas, or hunting them in a field in Kansas. Matt is mainly a public land hunter, which in North Carolina that normally is very tough. The decreasing amount of public land makes him feel like a better hunter by forcing him to be on the water and scouting. Throughout college he played baseball until a career ending injury. This is partly the reason why Matt took to waterfowl hunting as a kid because of the strategy of the two. He loves the chase! Finding birds, figuring out how they work, calling to them, placement of decoys, and being on the water with friends even if the birds are not flying. That is his addiction!

North Dakota

Austin Lemieux

Austin is 23 years old and originally from Pierre, South Dakota but currently reside in Bismarck, North Dakota. He is attending the University of Mary, and earning his Masters in Respiratory Therapy. He had the luxury of growing up in the middle of the central flyway and it was there that he found a passion for the waterfowl industry. Over the years of perfecting his trade, he has found himself very active in growing Lucky Duck Premium Decoys. While doing so, he also has found time in the off season to fish, shoot sporting clay league, and call coyotes. Demanding hunting calls for durable, realistic decoys, which is why he chooses Lucky Duck Premium Decoys.

South Dakota

Clint Hay

Clint grew up in south-central Nebraska hunting the Platte River, where his passion for waterfowling started. After graduating college and having two deployments in Iraq, he now lives in eastern South Dakota. Living there is providing endless opportunities for hunting. His passion is field hunting mallards and honkers. In the off season, he spends a lot of time open water fishing as well as ice fishing.  Currently he works full-time as an outside sales representative for a waterworks distributor. Clint says he is happy to be representing Lucky Duck.


Chris Caswell

Chris has spent his entire life hunting all types of game. His passion is showing his two sons the great outdoors. Currently, he is a biologist and has been managing state parks for 10 years. He loves managing property and resources, but the dream is to ultimately own and guide on his on property. Chris says he is tough on equipment and expects the best available, that is why LD has been is his boat for years.

Mike Syer

Mike has pursued predators for over 40 years, from trapping, snaring, cage trapping, hounds and calling-electronic and mouth calls. “Practice-Knowledge and Desire are the three common denominators that separate those that “Hope” a predator shows up and those that load a predator up at will.”  Mike has pursued predators from California to Maine, and from the Canadian Border to the Mexican Border. Mike and his wife Lisa of 24 years reside in Texas with their three children. For the last decade Mike and Lisa have put all their energy into owning/operating a model predator control business. In Texas, ranchers rely on their wildlife agri-interests as part of their overall income. Those agri-interests include fawns, quail and turkey. Controlling the base predator population densities is where he comes in. Ranchers with serious investment capital tied up in an upcoming fawn recruitment rely on predator professionals that get the job done… get it done right and most importantly get it done with the correct sustainable ecological balance left in place. In Texas and elsewhere the Bobcat is the most elusive predator on the field, and the most efficient. Mike has placed a premium on his overall cat education and his cat system of control. If a rancher hires him for predator control he better have a definitive answer for those cats---they are very savvy, the stealthiest predator and traps don’t always work. He really likes the real natural sounds that aren’t computer generated. The sounds offered on the Lucky Duck predator callers, from Rick Paillet, be they coyote vocals, fighting, breeding or familial coyote chatter. Or the sounds that bobcats respond to offer him that ability to pull and hold the predator. Mike has been a trapper for so long he didn’t think it would ever be possible to out-perform traps—Rick’s sounds have allowed him to witness a cat per call ratio percentage that is ridiculous. Getting paid to call predators only works if you get the predator, so Mike uses what works.


Jeff Bringhurst

Jeff was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and has lived in the Salt Lake Valley most of his life. He was introduced to hunting by his father at a very young age. They would hunt mostly waterfowl around the marshes of the Great Salt Lake and mule deer in the mountains here in Utah. When Jeff was 12 years old, he told his dad that he wanted to have his own shotgun. Jeff's dad said if he could save up half of the money, he would pay for the other half. Jeff saved and bought his first shotgun a few months later. The gun was much too big for him and his shoulder was bruised every weekend. When Jeff was married in 1990, his wife joined him on their hunting adventures. As their kids arrived, they too joined the family in the fields and mountains. Jeff's daughter still loves going out and being with him in the outdoors. Jeff now has an Excel flat bottom boat and Mud Buddy motor to help them get out in the marsh and get the decoys in place. It also makes it easier to get his aging father out. Jeff works in the computer industry providing IT services for small business that don't have a full time IT staff. In the off season, Jeff spends time traveling with his family. They love Moab and spending time wake boarding. He has also started bow fishing for carp. He is happiest when he is in the outdoors.


Kim Snyder

Kimberly grew up in a rural small town in Virginia. She has been hunting since a very young age, but her passion has become waterfowl hunting. Kim is a dedicated waterfowl hunter who loves spending her time on a river, in timbers, in a pond or a creek, and feels at home when she is in a duck blind. She volunteers her time to Ducks Unlimited Events and Delta Waterfowl, giving back to Waterfowl Conservation efforts and volunteering in any area that will enhance youth hunting or Wounded Warrior efforts. She is a member of The Virginia Waterfowler Association, NWTF, NRA, U.S. Sportsman Alliance, and The Foundation of Wildlife Management. When she was asked what hunting means to her, her response was “When I’m hunting, I feel near to God. Many people have a hard time defining their passion, what drives them, what moves them, what defines the make-up of their very being.” My greatest passion emerged with this phrase that was said often growing up; “Live the life you want to live, not the life you have to live.” That passion for her is embodied in her drive and determination, her pursuit for everything outdoors. Kimberly currently resides in King George, VA with her husband Walter, and her children. 


Andy Ducato

Andy has been waterfowl hunting for 20 years, and is based out of Southeast Wisconsin. He has lived and loved the waterfowl life since the first time he went out with family at the age of 5. Andy is also an avid dog trainer, and loves to see the results in the field after a long spring, and summer of training. He's owned his guide service and has guided locally since 2010. When he doesn't have clients, he hunts the Mississippi River Flyway from the grain fields and backwaters of the Mississippi River in Wisconsin and Illinois, to the flooded timber and rice fields of Arkansas. Andy is involved with the Wisconsin Waterfowl Association, Delta Waterfowl, and Ducks Unlimited. Also, works with local wildlife biologists in the banding of birds in his region of the state. He is an avid user of the waterfowl products from Lucky Duck, and loves the constant development of product we continue to offer and come up with. 

Matt Schuette

Matt grew up in central Minnesota. He started hunting ducks and geese at 12 years old. His first goose he shot that same year (1980) out at Lac Qui Parle out on the west side of Minnesota. After that, he was hooked on geese! Matt moved with his family to the west side of Wisconsin about 12 years ago and found that they have a huge Canada Goose population, and also a huge migration. So about 7 years ago he talked his wife into letting him pursue his dream of being a goose hunting guide. Matt has been loving it ever since. Interacting with clients, seeing the smiles on their faces, and their kids faces is priceless.

Richard Marsolek

Richard grew up in Southeastern Minnesota chasing wood ducks and teal on the backwaters of the Mississippi, and pursuing divers in the bigger waters outside of Weaver, MN. As an avid outdoorsman, Richard's love of the outdoors was instilled at an early age with a father that brought him out duck hunting every year since the young age of 2. A USMC Vet, Richard now resides in Central Wisconsin, spending most of his days chasing waterfowl in local fields and public marshes with his Labrador "Sarge" and the famed "Fab 4". Richard stays active in the off season by training/running/judging multiple hunt tests across the Midwest with the AKC and UKC retriever club. He also is a turkey/deer/bear hunter, musky fisher, and loves doing it all with his twin daughter and son.


Colten Gillum - Predator Team

Colten has been hunting predators heavily for about 8 years now. He is 23 years old and has lived in Wyoming his whole life. Being in a state like Wyoming, a hunters paradise, Colten has been able to hunt just about every critter around. While he’s not as passionate about big game hunting, he does really enjoy filling the freezer every year with either elk, antelope or deer meat. Over the last year or so, him and his partner Garrett Johnson have been expanding their social media profiles, and looking to share their favorite predator calling tactics/techniques with hunters all across the world. Which has in turn provided them with some amazing new friendships and memories. They’re constantly calling coyotes, putting up fur, and editing footage/posting pictures. You can find them on their YouTube channel "Coyote Snipers" or on Instagram @K9Crushers and @Brush_Wolf_Hunter to watch their latest adventures with Lucky Duck products. Colten said he is very proud to be a part of the LD team and to be able to use the sounds that Rick Paillet has put on this call. “They are the best in the world, hands down, and have increased our success tremendously. We're very excited for the future.”


Jason Randolph

Jason has been guiding professionally for over 25 years. His company is WyoBraska Waterfowl based out of Torrington, Wyoming. They hunt mallards and Canada geese in eastern Wyoming and western Nebraska on and near the North Platte River. They also hunt spring snow geese in southeast Nebraska. Jason grew up hunting ducks and geese on the Platte River in Nebraska and the Missouri River on the South Dakota/Nebraska border. Here he was privileged to hunt with the finest waterfowlers in the Midwest. From them he learned the nuances of world class calling and great dog work. Lucky Duck spinners and flappers are an integral part of his mallard and goose hunting. Jason says he is honored to be a member of the Lucky Duck team.

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