2020 Prey Distress Sound Pack

"Adult Red Fox Distress" ADULT RED FOX DISTRESS.mp3
"Grey Fox Pup Distress 1" GREY FOX PUP DISTRESS 1.mp3
"Grey Fox Pup Distress 2" GREY FOX PUP DISTRESS 2.mp3
"Grey Fox Pup Distress 4" GREY FOX PUP DISTRESS 4.mp3
"Pissy Grey Fox Pup" PISSY GREY FOX PUP.mp3
"Coyote Coon Fight 2" COYOTE COON FIGHT 2.mp3
"Coyote Coon Fight 3" COYOTE COON FIGHT 3.mp3
"Screamin Chicken 2" SCREAMIN CHICKEN 2.mp3
"Magpie Distress 1" MAGPIE DISTRESS 1.mp3
"Magpie Distress 2" MAGPIE DISTRESS 2.mp3
"Magpie Distress 3" MAGPIE DISTRESS 3.mp3
"Magpie Distress 4" MAGPIE DISTRESS 4.mp3
"Baby Robin" BABY ROBIN.mp3
"Bear Cub Bawling" BEAR CUB BAWLING.mp3
"Bear Cubs Fighting" BEAR CUBS FIGHTING.mp3
"K9 Pup" K9 PUP.mp3
"Scooby Snack" SCOOBY SNACK.mp3
"Puffball" PUFFBALL.mp3
"Creepy Jack" CREEPY JACK.mp3
"Oddball Jack" ODDBALL JACK.mp3
"Puny Jack" PUNY JACK.mp3
"Ugly Jack" UGLY JACK.mp3
"Jack Duo" JACK DUO.mp3
"Grey Skwerl Distress" GREY SKWERL DISTRESS.mp3
"Swamp Rat" SWAMP RAT.mp3
"Lip Sqweak 1" LIP SQWEAK 1.mp3
"Lip Sqweak 2" LIP SQWEAK 2.mp3

Rick's sounds are sure to help you bring in some of the most pressured coyotes that have heard it all! All sounds have been optimized to play on Lucky Duck Predator Calls in the finest quality available whether the volume is at a whisper or ear-piercing scream. 


*All sounds have been encrypted to ONLY play on Lucky Duck Branded E-Callers.

*We recommend using a Windows operating system for downloading sounds. Certain Mac computers are not compatible with the sound files