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​Control What You Can Control

Posted by Josh Miller on Oct 14th 2020

Season is almost upon us and many of us as preparing for duck and goose seasons. It is an exciting time of year and hopefully you have been putting in the time to prepare your four legged partner f … read more

Being a Good Hunting Partner

Posted by David Vaught, Ph.D. on Sep 29th 2020

Hunting is a social endeavor. We like to be with our friends and enjoy the company. But, we also know some arrive ill-prepared and really put little effort into getting ready.So how does one make him … read more

Dove Decoy Placement and My Favorite Recipe

Posted by Aron Boyce on Sep 14th 2020

Dove season being right around the corner, now is the time to start scouting new places and to get those dogs out after a long summer training. In the Midwest, we have had quite a bit of rain for th … read more

Trip Planning

Posted by Aron Boyce on Aug 18th 2020

When planning a waterfowl hunting trip, there is no shortage of things to remember. From the big to the little, there is no doubt that something will be forgotten. But there are some things that ar … read more

​Embrace Inefficiency

Posted by Brandon Trentham on Aug 4th 2020

Efficiency seems to always be the goal. In today's culture, at work, the car wash, grocery shopping, everywhere we turn, efficiency has become our currency. In my lifetime, and I am only 28, I have se … read more

​Your Gun and Patterning

Posted by David Vaught, Ph.D. on Jul 21st 2020

I can assure you there are right ways and wrong ways to ensure you know your choke. Most approach this effort at 40 yards, point their gun at a target and pull the trigger. So let me stop you right … read more

Hunting Equipment: Tips and Care

Posted by Jason Ford on Jul 7th 2020

If you’re a novice hunter, there are certain mistakes that you simply have to live through in order to avoid them in the future. For instance — waterfowl hunters spend a ridiculous amount of time wa … read more

Physically Distant, Socially Present

Posted by Brandon Trentham on Jun 18th 2020

For the outdoorsman, distance is no stranger. We long for the boat ride in hoping to have ventured further than the last explorer. The unknown aspects of the vast amount of space that we call the … read more

​What a Shot Pattern Looks Like

Posted by David Vaught, Ph.D. on Jun 4th 2020

For most of us, we see the shot pattern as a two-dimensional expression of pellets hitting a target. Really though, a lot more is occurring in multiple dimensions from the time the shot leaves the b … read more

Phase Three - Stages of Decoys in the Spring Season

Posted by Dave Constantine on May 21st 2020

As the spring turkey season progresses into the later phase, decoy applications also change. I would classify the “late season” as the last 10 to 14 days of most spring turkey seasons. To ensure a … read more

Phase Two - Stages of Decoys in the Spring Season

Posted by Dave Constantine on Apr 20th 2020

As the early season transitions into mid- season in the spring turkey woods, your decoy tactics need to also change to ensure success. This mid-season period will easily run two to three weeks. In … read more

At Home Training

Posted by Josh Miller on Apr 17th 2020

It’s starting to wear on you, as it is all of us. Stuck at home. Limited things to do and places to go. But since there is nothing we can do about this right now, let’s take these lemons and make lem … read more

What to do with your Waterfowl.

Posted by Brian Tucker on Apr 16th 2020

Many hunters take to the field every Fall, Winter, and Spring to chase waterfowl. Whether it is an early October Teal hunt in Wyoming or a spring Snow goose hunt in South Dakota, every waterfowl hun … read more

Phase One - Stages of Decoys in the Spring Season

Posted by Dave Constantine on Apr 15th 2020

Decoy dynamics and applications change throughout the spring hunting season. Many dynamics and changes occur throughout the course of the wild turkey’s spring breeding season. A “savvy” turkey … read more

September Dove Hunting Prep

Posted by Aron Boyce on Apr 14th 2020

After a long hot summer, it always seems like September 1st can never come soon enough here in Kansas. Although, for me, my dove season preparation starts in early spring. Starting in March, I will … read more

Predator Scent Control

Posted by Shawn McKinney on Mar 19th 2020

Predator hunting is becoming more than a pastime for most hunters these days. In fact, some people are making it nearly their primary target throughout the hunting season. That takes some serious d … read more

Waterfowl Photography

Posted by Aron Boyce on Mar 13th 2020

Like many other activities, waterfowl photography has its own challenges. Following, I will go over what I have found that helps me.Waterfowl Photography is just like hunting except with a camera … read more

What's your Bore?

Posted by Shawn McKinney on Mar 6th 2020

Do you have a favorite rifle, specifically one you coyote hunt with? Is it a semi-auto AR platform, a traditional bolt action or maybe a custom built, tricked out, suppressed, tactical variation? W … read more