Phase Two - Stages of Decoys in the Spring Season

Posted by Dave Constantine on Apr 20th 2020

As the early season transitions into mid- season in the spring turkey woods, your decoy tactics need to also change to ensure success. This mid-season period will easily run two to three weeks. In most of the country except the south, mid- season will begin around the 20th of April.

This is the time to employ all decoy applications. Breeding set ups are especially effective, full strut and jake with hen. Multiple hens with a jake or full strut decoy. The full strut decoy I use, is the Lucky HD Collapsible Field Strutter. The 3/4 strutting pose is just right for fooling a dominate long beard.

A couple tips on decoy placement. Try to set your decoys to the left or right of your location. To draw focus away from you the hunter. Place jake decoys generally with their head towards you and hen decoys with their tail towards you the hunter. This can help greatly in how the gobbler will approach your decoy set up.