What to do with your Waterfowl.

Posted by Brian Tucker on Apr 16th 2020

Many hunters take to the field every Fall, Winter, and Spring to chase waterfowl. Whether it is an early October Teal hunt in Wyoming or a spring Snow goose hunt in South Dakota, every waterfowl hunt has the same question at the end of each hunt or season. What do I do with the meat?

Waterfowl in many circles has been given a bad reputation for not tasting good. Often I hear hunters going back and forth on if they should hunt waterfowl or not, because once they harvest it, they have to eat it. The answer is ABSOLUTELY YES! Ducks, geese, and other waterfowl are great eating. The first thing I would try is making jerky. There are many recipes on the internet to make it yourself. I would suggest buying a kit specific to waterfowl jerky from Hi Mountain Seasonings and let them take the guess work out for you.

Jerky is just one of many ways to cook your waterfowl after the harvest, but the options are endless. You can roast, bake, grill your birds or even make sausages, bacon, snacking sticks, etc. Don’t let the stigma of bad tasting meat get in the way of your passion for waterfowl hunting. Good Luck and be safe.