At Home Training

Posted by Josh Miller on Apr 17th 2020

It’s starting to wear on you, as it is all of us. Stuck at home. Limited things to do and places to go. But since there is nothing we can do about this right now, let’s take these lemons and make lemonade. With the extra time at home, let's focus more time with our dog.

This time of year is great for training because the hunting season is still somewhat fresh in our minds. What did your dog need work on? Where was there an issue that came up? Let’s focus on that to get a jumpstart on fixing it.

Limited on space? That shouldn’t be a problem! If we really dig into each problem you saw in the field, it is very likely it can all be traced back to obedience. I know, obedience is so dang boring; but there is a reason we call it the foundation of our gun dog training. Take this time at home to be disciplined and strive for perfection on that obedience training. When things do get back to normal and you can get on with the more fun areas of training, later this year, you will be thankful you took this time.