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  • Most Ice-Eaters are bulky, oversized, semi-permanent fixtures that take two people to adjust the stand, and you get wet doing any depth adjustments; but not the Ice-X. The Ice-X solves this with one obvious solution: It floats. By attaching the Ice-X to any secured fixture like the included 7.5-foot modular pole, the Ice-X can operate from 16” deep of water, to the Mariana Trench, if you can anchor it. The floating 3/4 horsepower ice-eater also can be easily adjusted with changing water levels, by changing its positioning on the pole. The rotomolded float gets rid of the bulk and weight of steel stands, making the Ice-X more lightweight than the competition, and gives an easy to access adjustment on the pitch of the blade from above. Lastly, it can run off your 2200 30-amp case generator, meaning you can walk in with just a generator and the Ice-X on a sled.  Attach to a boat, a pole, even an anchor, and melt ice in deep and shallow water with the Lucky Duck Ice-X. 

    • Floating Rotomolded De-Icer
    • Commercial Grade 3/4 HP Motor, 37lb. of thrust
    • Durable rotomolded float for years of use
    • Universal decoy slot for use while hunting
    • Quickly adjust motor pitch
    • Weighs only 45lbs.
    • 18 starting Amps and 6.7 operating Amps
    • Runs off 2200 Watt 30-amp case generator  
    • Includes:  
      • Ice-X Unit  
      • 7.5-foot modular pole  
      • 100’ Waterproof Power Cord  
      • (2) cable tie downs and (2) carabiners


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    SKU: 21-10023-3
  • Lucky Duck™ warrants this Ice-X to be free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use and service for 3 years from the date of purchase. Wear items such as the cables, sacrificial anode, and propeller are not covered under the warranty. Proof of purchase is required. The Lucky Duck™ obligation under this warranty is limited to replacing or re-pairing, free of charge, any defective part within the warranty period. The customer shall pay shipping charges for returning the unit to Lucky Duck™ or an Authorized Repair Center. Warranty is void if; the Ice-X motor is not maintained properly according to the Maintenance Recommendations supplied with the unit; the Ice-X unit is returned for repair without the power cord or if the unit, control box, or power cord are altered in any way from original shipment; cuts in the power cord are not covered under warranty; the Ice-X unit is damaged by unauthorized tampering; and the sacrificial anode around the propeller shaft shows significant deterioration (the anode must be inspected periodically and replaced if necessary). For warranty issues, please email or call customer service at or 715-338-3183.