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  • The Lucky Duck® XHDi solves a long-standing problem for waterfowlers: The wings stop white side down. No more shiny white wings flaring finishing birds. For duck and goose hunters alike, the wing-stopper technology being remote-controlled keeps your spread looking as natural as possible when you need spinners for ducks, but also gives the capability to turn them off when geese are on the deck.

    The XHDi is a fully waterproof mallard spinner running on a 7.4-volt lithium-ion battery and uses our new 3-channel HD Remote Kit 2.0. But the XHDi goes farther than new internal tech; it has a new realistic EVA carving and paint scheme. The XHDi also incorporates a new, more realistic wing shape with flocked black wings for reduced glare and added contrast, while still using the same magnetic wing connection system as your Lucky Junior, HD, and HDi so you can mix and match wings for your preference. Some gear is forgettable, but whatever you do, Don’t Forget The Lucky’s.

    • White Down Technology that always places the white side of the wings down
    • Flocked Black Wings for maximum flash and to eliminate shine (XHDi Printed Wings available for purchase) 
    • Fully waterproof spinner
    • Ultra-realistic paint scheme and durable EVA body
    • Lithium-ion battery provides consistent power and can withstand any weather
    • Runs 16-20 hours
    • Waterproof battery module
    • Includes:
    • (7.4V/4000maH) Lithium battery and smart charger
    • 6 piece 7' stake
    • HD remote kit 2.0 

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    PATENTED #10638747 and #10856544

    *Patent Pending


    SKU: 21-10223-7
  • Lucky Duck™ warrants products against all manufacturing defects for a period of 1 year from date of purchase. Proof of purchase is required. Abuse of the product (submerged in water, dropped, mistreatment etc.) is not covered. Normal wear and tear is not covered under warranty. We do stand behind our products and are here to help if you have any questions. Please contact our customer service by phone or email: 715-338-3183 or