Rick's Top Killers CH 5

"Death Scream 1" DEATH SCREAM 1.mp3
"Death Scream 2" DEATH SCREAM 2.mp3
"Death Scream 3" DEATH SCREAM 3.mp3
"Hot Blondie" HOT BLONDIE.mp3
"King Kong Howlin" KING KONG HOWLIN.mp3
"King Kong Seranade" KING KONG SERANADE.mp3
"Lonley Widow" LONELY WIDOW.mp3
"Pair Howl 5" PAIR HOWL 5.mp3
"Pair Howl Bicker" PAIR HOWL BICKER.mp3
"Red Ass" RED ASS.mp3
"Sad Blondie" SAD BLONDIE.mp3
"Scalded Dawg" SCALDED DAWG.mp3
"School Yard Brawl 2" SCHOOL YARD BRAWL 2.mp3
"Star Invatation" STAR INVATATION.mp3
"Syco Pup Fight 1" SYCO PUP FIGHT 1.mp3
"Syco Pup Fight 2" SYCO PUP FIGHT 2.mp3
"Syco Pup Fight 3" SYCO PUP FIGHT 3.mp3
"Syco Seranade 2" SYCO SERANADE 2.mp3
"Teeny Weeny 1" TEENY WEENY 1.mp3
"Teeny Weeny 2" TEENY WEENY 2.mp3
"Teeny Weeny 3" TEENY WEENY 3.mp3
"Teeny Weeny Howlin 1" TEENY WEENY HOWLIN 1.mp3
"Teeny Weeny Howlin 2" TEENY WEENY HOWLIN 2.mp3
"Tuff Titty 2" TUFF TITTY 2.mp3
"WTF 4" WTF 4.mp3

The fifth edition of Rick's Top Killers that coyotes have been dying to hear! Take your Lucky Duck Branded E-caller to the next level with more of Rick's signature sounds. All sounds in this section have been optimized to play on Lucky Duck Branded E-callers in the finest quality available, whether the volume is at a whisper or ear-piercing scream.

*All sounds have been encrypted to ONLY play on Lucky Duck Branded E-Callers.

*We recommend using a Windows operating system for downloading sounds. Certain Mac computers are not compatible with the sound files