Rick's Top Killers Pack

"6 Cottontails" 6 COTTONTAILS.mp3
"7 Cottontails" 7 COTTONTAILS.mp3
"8 Cottontails" 8 COTTONTAILS.mp3
"Bully Beatdown" BULLYBEATDOWN.mp3
"Cry Kickin Runtazz 2" CRY KICKIN RUNTAZZ 2.mp3
"Crybaby Cryin 1" CRYBABY CRYIN 1.mp3
"Crybaby Cryin 2" CRYBABY CRYIN 2.mp3
"Crybaby Howlin 1" CRYBABY HOWLIN 1.mp3
"Ju Ju 2" JU JU 2.mp3
"Mr T Star Pair Howl" MR T STAR PAIR HOWL.mp3
"Nasty Syco 2" NASTY SYCO 2.mp3
"Nasty Syco Fight 1" NASTY SYCO FIGHT 1.mp3
"Sig Kickin Azz 3" SIG KICKIN AZZ 3.mp3
"Sykee Cry Fight 3" SYKEE CRY FIGHT 3.mp3
"Sykee Howlin 1" SYKEE HOWLIN 1.mp3
"Sykee Howlin 3" SYKEE HOWLIN 3.mp3
"Sykee Runt Fight 1" SYKEE RUNT FIGHT 1.mp3
"Sykee Runt Fight 2" SYKEE RUNT FIGHT 2.mp3
"Tiny Pup Distress" TINY PUP DISTRESS.mp3
"Sykee Runt Pair Howl" SYKEE RUNT PAIR HOWL.mp3
"W T F" W T F.mp3

The sounds contained in this Library are some from Rick's private collection that he has decided to release to the public. This folder of sounds is labeled "Rick's Top Killers" for obvious reason. Take your Roughneck, Revolution, Revolt, or Riot to the next level with some of Rick's signature sounds. These sounds are sure to help you bring in some of the most pressured coyotes that have heard it all! All sounds in this section have been optimized to play on the Lucky Duck Revolution, Revolt, or Riot in the finest quality available whether the volume is at a whisper or ear-piercing scream. 

*All sounds have been encrypted to ONLY play on Lucky Duck Branded E-Callers.

*We recommend using a Windows operating system for downloading sounds. Certain Mac computers are not compatible with the sound files