Riot Expansion Pack

"Silly Rabbit" SILLY RABBIT.mp3
"Lucky Cottontail" LUCKY COTTONTAIL.mp3
"Bugs Bunny" BUGS BUNNY.mp3
"Syco Cottontail" SYCO COTTONTAIL.mp3
"Soft Tail" SOFT TAIL.mp3
"TNT Loud" T N T.mp3
"Shelterbelt Loud" SHELTERBELT.mp3
"Cottonbawl Loud" COTTONBAWL.mp3
"Skid Row" SKID ROW.mp3
"Little Jack" LITTLE JACK.mp3
"Whimpy Jack" WHIMPY JACK.mp3
"BB Cott Jacked" BB COTT JACKED.mp3
"BB Jack Deep" BB JACK DEEP.mp3
"Cyanide" CYANIDE .mp3
"Pup Barking" PUP BARKING.mp3
"Pup Pillage" PUP PILLAGE .mp3
"Pissy Pups" PISSY PUPS.mp3
"Pack Rat" PACK RAT.mp3
"Dirty Bird" DIRTY BIRD.mp3
"Hen Pheasant 1" HEN PHEASANT 1.mp3
"Syco Bird" SYCO BIRD.mp3
"Woodpecker" WOODPECKER 1.mp3
"Rooster Pheasant" ROOSTER PHEASANT.mp3
"Vic1LH Male" VICTOR01 LH MALE.mp3
"Chub1LH Male" CHUB01 LH MALE.mp3
"Vic1IH Male" VICTOR01 IH MALE.mp3
"Vic2IH Male" VICTOR02 IH MALE.mp3
"Female Challenge" FEMALE CHALLENGE.mp3
"Syco Spun Up" SYCO SPUN UP.mp3
"Little Pup Howl 1" LITTLE PUP HOWL 1.mp3
"Little Pup Howl 2" LITTLE PUP HOWL 2.mp3
"Pup Growlin" PUP GROWLING.mp3
"Pups Bickering" PUPS BICKERING .mp3
"Pup Howl 2" PUP HOWL 2.mp3
"OK Corral" OK CORRAL.mp3
"Coyote Ugly" COYOTE UGLY.mp3
"Twisted Sisters" TWISTED SISTERS.mp3
"Stuck Fight" STUCK FIGHT.mp3
"Sniff It" SNIFF IT.mp3
"Estrus Chirps 1" ESTRUS CHIRPS 1.mp3
"Breeding 3 Some" BREEDING THRESOME.mp3
"Mom & Pups Serenade" MOM&PUPS SERENADE.mp3
"Little Pup Serenade" LITTLE PUP SERENADE.mp3
"Pup Serenade" PUP SERENADE.mp3
"Itty-Bitty Raccoon" ITTY BITTY RACCOON.mp3
"Kitty Kitty" KITTY KITTY.mp3
"Coyote Barks 2" COYOTE BARKS.mp3
"Meat Bawl" MEAT BAWL.mp3
"Siren 1" SIREN.mp3
"Lone Crow" LONE CROW.mp3
"Crow Distress" CROW DISTRESS.mp3
"Rowdy Crows" ROWDY CROWS.mp3
"Snow Goose 2DP" SNOW GOOSE 2DP.mp3
"Snow Goose 5DP" SNOW GOOSE 5DP.mp3
"Snow Goose 6DP" SNOW GOOSE 6DP.mp3
"Snow Goose 12DP" SNOW GOOSE 12DP.mp3
"Snow Goose 13DP" SNOW GOOSE 13DP.mp3

The sounds contained in this section come standard on the Revolt and Revolution, but are available to add onto your Riot E-caller. Take your Riot to the next level with more of Rick's signature sounds. These sounds are sure to be a great addition to your Riot, pick a couple or the entire expansion pack! All sounds in this section have been optimized to play on the Lucky Duck Riot in the finest quality available whether the volume is at a whisper or ear-piercing scream.

*All sounds have been encrypted to ONLY play on Lucky Duck Branded E-Callers.

*We recommend using a Windows operating system for downloading sounds. Certain Mac computers are not compatible with the sound files